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On site sampling and on site monitoring are both offered by Water Quality Services Ltd (WQS). Some test methods require specific sampling techniques, or may need sample bottles containing acid as a sample preserver. If sampling by clients is considered practical, clients will be advised accordingly.

Testing of concrete mixing water according to BS EN 1008, and testing of trade effluent discharged to controlled waters and to sewers are dealt with on separate pages.

Other services offered include:-

  • Borehole and surface water testing to monitor run off to controlled waters
  • Sampling and testing of private water supplies
  • Swimming pool and spa pool water sampling and testing

The services above often include chemical or biological analysis at ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. Other services offered can be as diverse as analysis of road planings which were tested for phenols and PAH’s in order to assess the need for disposal as hazardous waste.


Whatever the sampling or analysis requirements, the first step is to contact WQS. We will identify appropriate sampling and test methods, and choose an appropriate test laboratory as part of the quotation process. The following information can assist this process:

  • The determinands to test for, and any ranges or limits to be kept to
  • The purpose of testing, and any related standards, permits, or consents
  • A description of the type of water, and it’s destination
  • Whether accredited testing is required
  • Numbers and frequency of sampling and/or testing concerned
  • The location of sampling sites
  • Any hazards associated with the samples to be submitted

Some sampling must be performed by WQS. In other situations sampling by clients is possible and sample bottles supplied by WQS may need to be used. In these situations sampling procedures to be followed together with sample certificates will be provided.

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Concrete Mixing Water

We follow BS EN 1008:2002 Mixing Water for Concrete, supplying this testing service for clients throughout the country. Contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.

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Trade Effluent Testing

Trade effluent may need to comply with a consent or permit to discharge. Water Quality Services can help manage your discharges to drains or controlled waters.

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Other Testing Services

We offer many water quality testing services, including but not limited to the monitoring of ground water, surface water, private water supplies, and swimming pools or spa pools.

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