All accredited concrete must be made with water complying with BS EN 1008:2002 Mixing Water for Concrete. Concrete made with mains water is deemed to comply.

QSRMC stipulates testing of none mains water at least once a year for accredited batching plants. Many BSI Kitemark accredited plants also submit samples for BS EN 1008 testing every year.

Water Quality Services Ltd (WQS) has been performing BS EN 1008 water testing for international and independent concrete producers in the United Kingdom for many years. An in depth knowledge of the standard, and reasons for none compliance of mixing water has been accumulated. This is shared with clients for their benefit.

Examples that have lead to none conformity with BS EN 1008 follow:-

  • Omissions in documentation and incorrect sampling
  • Excess chloride content due to de-icing batching plant yards, or borehole water containing brine
  • High sulphate content emanating from anhydrite screed washout water
  • Recycled water containing air entrainer failing the test for detergents
  • High sediment content in recycled water leading to densities over 1.01 Kg/m3
  • Failures of the odour test due to contaminated sampling equipment

Usually the upper concentration limits specified are easily kept within. There are provisions for use of water that does exceed limits for particular determinands. These are explained within BS EN 1008 and the other concrete related standards.

At present many producers use only mains water for high performance concrete because of the effect of admixtures carried over with recycled water. Frequent EN 1008 water testing provides the confidence to use more none mains water for making concrete.

A holistic approach including testing of mixing water and trade effluent discharged from site can reduce the quantity, and improve the quality of trade effluent discharged to sewers or controlled waters. The cost of supply of water and disposal of trade effluent can be reduced, as can the risk of criminal prosecution and clear up charges if controlled waters are polluted.

WQS will provide quotations upon request. Labeled sample bottles are offered for use, as are sampling certificates. Test reports issued provide all the required information to be included, and in the format stipulated in BS EN 1008.

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Concrete Mixing Water

We follow BS EN 1008:2002 Mixing Water for Concrete, supplying this testing service for clients throughout the country. Contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.

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Trade Effluent Testing

Trade effluent may need to comply with a consent or permit to discharge. Water Quality Services can help manage your discharges to drains or controlled waters.

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Other Testing Services

We offer many water quality testing services, including but not limited to the monitoring of ground water, surface water, private water supplies, and swimming pools or spa pools.

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