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Sale of Water Quality Services Limited

During February I indicated that I would be stepping away from running Water Quality Services Ltd in order to retire.  I set the business up at the start of 2009 after employment with Hanson Quarry Products UK where I ran aspects of the service offered now.

In view of the current difficulties potential purchasers are being contacted now before some contacts sadly find their positions become redundant.  I will continue operate Water Quality Services for the remainder of this year if a buyer is not found in that time.  I would be able to assist a new owner on a “consultancy basis” whenever needed.

You will no doubt be aware this business provides a niche service performing BS EN 1008 concrete mixing water and trade effluent testing.  You may not be aware of the service offered to other industries, and that of testing domestic private water supplies.

If you wish to have further details of the company do contact me on andrew@waterqualityservices.co.uk

I want to be able to see the business thriving in years following a sale and will favour a buyer who wants to grow the business.

Best regards,
Andrew Lelliott
Water Quality Services Limited

Sampling, Monitoring & Analysis for Industial & Domestic Services

Water Quality Services Ltd (WQS) provides a bespoke service sampling, monitoring, and analyzing water for process, environmental, recreational, and domestic applications. Broad areas of the business are as follows:-

Water assimilates materials as suspensions, emulsions, and solutions resulting in a diverse range of determinands that can be tested for. Water has many different applications requiring different methods of analysis for the same determinand. Details are included in the Environment Agency "Technical Guidance Note M18".

Sampling, monitoring, and analysis often have to follow specific requirements. Some samples have to be tested quickly, or have a sample preservative added. Test methods have to be fit for purpose, giving sufficient precision and accuracy over the relevant range of concentrations. Many methods of analysis respond to other materials in the water as well as the determinand being tested for - the matrix effect. Correct documentation and presentation of samples is very important to ensure meaningful test results.


  • Quotations are provided describing sampling and test methods to be employed
  • Sampling follows documented procedures, using approved sample bottles
  • An acid sample preserver is added to some sample bottles prior to sampling
  • Samples are tested within time limits to avoid compromising the validity of laboratory determinations
  • Sample bottles, return packaging, instructions, and sample certificates are provided to clients submitting samples for analysis
  • Analysis done in house by WQS follows documented methods based on national or international standard procedures.
  • In house analytical methods are checked against quality control standards traceable to national standards
  • Analysis is regularly subcontracted to ISO 17025 accredited laboratories
  • Bespoke test reports are available to comply with regulatory requirements

Water analysis performed by WQS ranges from simple qualitative tests, to determinations employing visible spectrum photometry, flame photometry, and potentiometry. ISO 17025 accredited laboratories subcontracted to WQS offer a wide range of analysis. A schedule of accreditation for each ISO 17025 laboratory in the United Kingdom is available from UKAS. Helping clients assemble valid and relevant water quality data is the aim of Water Quality Services Ltd.

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Concrete Mixing Water

We follow BS EN 1008:2002 Mixing Water for Concrete, supplying this testing service for clients throughout the country. Contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.

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Trade Effluent Testing

Trade effluent may need to comply with a consent or permit to discharge. Water Quality Services can help manage your discharges to drains or controlled waters.

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Other Testing Services

We offer many water quality testing services, including but not limited to the monitoring of ground water, surface water, private water supplies, and swimming pools or spa pools.

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Tel: 01453 835783
Water Quality Services Ltd,
6 Tetbury Hill,
Avening, Tetbury,
Gloucestershire, GL8 8LT