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trade effluent testing

Water companies providing sewage services to a site may require trade effluent to comply with a Consent to Discharge. Charges levied are calculated using the Mogden formula and are based on volume and concentration of the discharge.

Discharges to controlled waters or ground often need a Permit to Discharge issued by the environment agency of the UK country concerned. Breaches of permits can result in the imposition of clean up costs and criminal prosecution.

Consents to discharge often list determinands for which testing is not necessary. Concrete batching plants that discharge to sewers commonly need testing for pH, sulphate, suspended solids, and chemical oxygen demand. Environment Agency permits often refer to whole quarries and vary considerably.

A range of in-house tests are offered by Water Quality Services Ltd (WQS). Where required, testing is subcontracted to an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for analysis. This can result in severe logistical difficulties if a 24 hour time limit from sampling is stipulated by the laboratory.

the challenges

  • The interpretation of permits and consents can be very time consuming.

  • ISO 17025 laboratories are unlikely to discuss the suitability of tests they offer in relation to the requirements of consents and permits to discharge.

  • The charging structures of ISO 17025 laboratories vary considerably, often discriminating against small batches of samples submitted for testing.

  • Sample presentation and documentation for ISO 17025 laboratories is very prescriptive. Test reports can be accompanied by comments concerning the validity of the results due to various none conformities. Samples may even be rejected for testing.

The solutions

  • Cost effective compliance can be aided by WQS studying consents and permits, followed by discussions with regulators - without reference to clients or sites.

  • Quotations for trade effluent testing designed to meet relevant requirements are provided by WQS

  • WQS works with several ISO 17025 laboratories and can select suitable tests and laboratories to engage.

  • A service employing documented sampling and test methods, correct sample bottles and documentation is provided by WQS.

Discounted price structure

A substantial discount for a restricted suite of tests now applies to quotations for testing of samples during the first 14 days of March, June, September, and December. This is for both in-house and subcontracted testing.