Water Quality Services Ltd

Water Quality Services Ltd - Sampling, monitoring and analysis


Water Quality Services Ltd (WQS) provides a bespoke service sampling, monitoring, and analyzing water for process, environmental, recreational, and domestic applications. Broad areas of the business are as follows:-

Water assimilates materials as suspensions, emulsions, and solutions resulting in a diverse range of determinands that can be tested for. Water has many different applications requiring different methods of analysis for the same determinand. Details are included in the Environment Agency "Technical Guidance Note M18".

Sampling, monitoring, and analysis often have to follow specific requirements. Some samples have to be tested quickly, or have a sample preservative added. Test methods have to be fit for purpose, giving sufficient precision and accuracy over the relevant range of concentrations. Many methods of analysis respond to other materials in the water as well as the determinand being tested for - the matrix effect. Correct documentation and presentation of samples is very important to ensure meaningful test results.

How we work

Water analysis performed by WQS ranges from simple qualitative tests, to determinations employing visible spectrum photometry, flame photometry, and potentiometry. ISO 17025 accredited laboratories subcontracted to WQS offer a wide range of analysis. A schedule of accreditation for each ISO 17025 laboratory in the United Kingdom is available from UKAS. Helping clients assemble valid and relevant water quality data is the aim of Water Quality Services Ltd.